Tips: How to correctly position Towbar

How to correctly position a tow truck and How is it important?

Attaching a Towbar to tow a trailer is something that people generally do most of the time. But if you are not careful about positioning the trailer well, it may cause long-distance towing dangers, the vehicle will be unbalanced, or the trailer may cause damage to the vehicle's chassis. Users of towbar must be careful as follows.

1. Set the trailer cover to the same height as the ball of the Towbar

taller or shorter are both not good for towing. For safety towing, if it's too high, the trailer is likely to fall off or if it's placed too low, the weight of the trailer may push the vehicle's Chassis, causing damage while towing a trailer.

2. Items positions on the tow truck

Placing items on the trailer Place it exactly midway between the front and back wheels of the trailer. If it is close to the trailer cover when driving on the road, it will cause the back of the trailer to shake, causing loss of balance. If something is placed behind the rear wheels, it will cause the trailer beam to push against the vehicle's Chassis, damaging it. And it is not safe when the car falls into a pothole or goes onto a bridge.


3. Choose a towing set that is strong and suitable for use.

There are various types of towing kit. LWN4x4 has tested that the Towbar can tow 3.5 tons. You should choose the Towbar that is thick steel and has standards suitable for use


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