Strengthen the ISUZU D-MAX 2024 with the complete LWN4X4 off-road set.

 Customize your ISUZU D-MAX 2024 with a complete set of off-road accessories from LWN 4x4

The ISUZU D-MAX has been a favorite of the Thai people for quite some time now. This is because of a few different reasons, such as, its fuel economy, its excellent engine and acceleration, and simply its well-designed outward appearance. However, its appearance can still be modified to give it an off-road look using our accessories here at LWN 4x4. Let’s take a look!

Off-road Front bumper FB-016 Black Bear Face

When going off-road, the front bumper is a clear must have accessory. Our FB-016 is a very popular design made of 3mm thick steel folded and welded to perfectly fit the shape of your vehicle. It’s also ready to support a winch that can pull up to 12,000 pounds.

Here’s a closer look at the specifications for the FB-016 Black Bear Face

  • frame is 3mm thick steel, folded to fit the car body
  • The winch base inside is 6-12mm thick steel can support the installation of a 12,000-pound winch
  • 4 LED spotlights
  • 3-piece crash guard under the bumper prevents stones from damaging the underside of the bumper
  • Tow hook for installing the Omega link
  • Supports installation of sensors on the front of the car at every point
  • Goes through a chemical cleaning process to prevent rust before the painting process
  • Overall weight is 65 kg


Rear bumper RB-013

Of course, with a strong front bumper you need a strong rear bumper as well. The RB-013 is very durable and both your sensor system and your radar signal system can be transferred to the bumper where it will function the same as it already was. This bumper supports all operating systems while still looking very stylish.

Here are the specifications of the RB-013

  • Steel bracket 8mm thick designed to fit the vehicle chassis
  • Comes with strong welded supports for towing both left and right sides
  • Underside steel size is 50.8x50.8mm 4.5mm thick welded to the bumper legs
  • Frame is made of 3mm thick steel and folded into shape to fit the truck
  • Supports installation of parking sensors and Radar signal box
  • Supports installation of all types of trailer equipment whether it's a plug-in bolt, a ball head, or a parrot beak set
  • The U-Hook is specially made by LWN 4x4 and can be used to tow a trailer
  • Goes through a chemical cleaning process to prevent rust before the painting process


Off-road Side steps SS-015

Off-road side steps that show a modern style, emphasizing the laser cut pattern and folded to fit the car's shape. Wide steps make it easy to step on and thick mounting legs attached directly to the chassis help it support up to 150kg. with this strong and durable design, you need not worry about safety.
Here are the specifications for the SS-015

  • 3 mm thick steel steps
  • Laser cut to be perfectly smooth
  • Fully welded fish scale pattern to ensure durability
  • Chemical cleaning process before painting to eliminate any threat of rust
  • Thick, strong steel that can support weight up to 150 kg
  • Easy to install with no modifications needed to be made to the vehicle


3-inch double pipe Rollbar RO-018

Luxurious with off-road strength This long-legged rollbar is innovative because of its modern and unique design. You can tie ropes to hang items on this rollbar for many purposes. The lights installed on the roll bar are pickup truck lights and the 2 in 1 brake lights are quality LED lights from Vietnam that can be used for a long time, the bulbs aren't easily broken, and the side piece that attaches the logo is a piece of plastic that makes the bar lighter.

Not every part of this rollbar is made of steel resulting in a lightweight accessory. Here are its specifications.

  • 76.2 mm diameter 2.5 mm thick pipe designed for Off-road use
  • 2 layers of steel bent to fit the shape of the car
  • Taiwan made quality LED brake lights and tailgate lights
  • Center part with the logo is injection molded to fit perfectly
  • End of pipe is covered in a rounded plastic covering to reduce damage that may occur
  • Goes through chemical cleaning process to deter rust before painting 


If you want to customize your car, you have to do it to the best of your ability. In our lives, there may only be a few cars that we use ourselves. Therefore, your favorite car must look its best, making its user proud to drive it.


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