Toyota Hilux Revo Single Cab offroad accessories

Single cab Toyota Hilux Revo fully equipped with LWN 4x4 Off-road set

        The Revo single-cab is a very popular model especially in the year 2020 as it was a market leader. Its cool, modern design won over the hearts of the Thai people, and it has been a classic ever since.

        For anyone looking for ideas on how to customize their Hilux Revo LWN 4x4 has a special set of accessories to present, including a front bumper, rear bumper, side steps, and off-road roll-bar. None of these require any modifications to your car to be installed now let’s go more in depth into each of these accessories.

1. Front Bumper B-BAR

This bumper is easy to install and is suitable for both Off-road and On-road travel

This bumper is perfect for those who want to give their truck some extra protection without removing the original bumper. Although not designed for very heavy use it is still a great choice because of its 20 kg weight and made to fit the truck perfectly making it very effective in preventing damage from minor to moderate accidents, such as a motorcycle or animal collision.

Despite its light weight you can be assured of the quality. Here is a closer look at the specifications of the B-BAR

  • 6 mm thick mounting legs with welded support
  • Pipe size 63.5 mm, thickness 2.5 mm
  • 2 mm thick middle steel patterned sheet folded to fit the bumper and front of the car
  • Steel loop to attach Omega link to
  • Goes through chemical process to clean off and prevent rust before painting process
  • Two-toned black and silver
  • LWN4x4 special powder coating heated up to 200 degrees for long lasting color 


2. Rear Bumper RB-016

Of course, with a front bumper like that you must have a good rear bumper. This particular bumper is considered the answer to everyone’s needs.

This newly designed Off-road bumper has every function you need whether it's a side pipe, a reverse light, a license plate light or steps that you can use to access your truck bed we have them all. The welding work is done neatly to ensure a beautiful appearance. With an overall weight of 50 kg, 8mm legs and brackets with strong support strength is not an issue, it can be used to pull up to 7 tons.

Below are the specifications for the RB-016

  • 8 mm thick C-type bracket, 4.5 mm thick steel box underneath
  • Supports installation of all types of trailer equipment. Whether it's a plug-in bolt, a ball head, or a parrot beak set
  • Ford Raptor tow hook, brand new design, exclusive to LWN 4x4, can be used to tow a trailer
  • Spotlights, license plate lights and LED reverse lights
  • Parking sensor is fully compatible with this accessory
  • Chemical cleaning process is done before the painting process to ensure zero threat of rust
  • Side pipe size is 63.5 mm, thickness 2.5 mm, bent to fit the shape and hug the car.


Side steps SS-001

Off-road style side grille steps may look ordinary, but actually this ladder is classic in the most off-road way. The grated design of the steps makes it easy to clean. These steps are clamped onto your truck to ensure that they will not fall off while being able to maintain a weight of up to 150 kg

Here are the specifications for the SS-001 side steps

  • Pipe grill steps are bent at the head and end to fit the shape of the car
  • Lazer Cut Pattern: 4x4 in the middle of the stairs
  • Pipe is 2.5 mm thick
  • mounting legs are C-type and can carry weight up to 150 kg
  • Goes through chemical process to clean off and prevent rust before painting process


4. Rollbar RO-018

The rollbar has many benefits such as stopping items from scraping against your cab and preventing damage, as well as being a simple bar to attach straps to when hauling cargo. These make rollbars very popular and the RO-018 adds all of these benefits and more.

Not every part of this rollbar is made of steel resulting in a lightweight accessory. Here are its specifications.

  • 76.2 mm diameter 2.5 mm thick pipe designed for Off-road use
  • 2 layers of steel bent to fit the shape of the car
  • Taiwan made quality LED brake lights and tailgate lights
  • Center part with the logo is injection molded to fit perfectly
  • End of pipe is covered in a rounded plastic covering to reduce damage that may occur
  • Goes through chemical cleaning process to deter rust before painting 


        Complete with every piece you’ll need to customize your Revo single-cab every single accessory from the bumpers, to the side steps, and rollbar are all made of thick quality steel that can hold a lot of weight in addition to looking quite stylish. Ready in every way, whether it be protecting or towing LWN 4x4 promises the best performance.

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