Ford Ranger Next Gen Offroad Accessories

Enhance your Ford Ranger (next gen 2024) with our built for off-road accessories

        All our accessories promise great durability, as well as a sleek design made with cutting edge technology, answering the needs of our customers in many ways. Whether you decide to use it as a family car or for your personal traveling needs, this vehicle is an adventurer’s best friend.

        If you want to customize your truck to the fullest and be prepared for any situation, you can’t go wrong with our products here at LWN 4x4. We have a special set of accessories to present including: front bumpers, rear bumpers, side steps, and roll bars. These are all built with off road use in mind. The rest of this article will show you different templates you can use for your vehicle, as well as go into more detail about each part. 


1. Front Bumper FB-009

An impressive three horned front bumper designed to look both aggressive and stylish, this accessory is perfect for both Off Road, and On Road travel.

This bumper is suitable for customers who don’t want to trim the original bumper as it can be installed directly without any changes made. This particular accessory adds a whole new level of fierceness to the car. It is shaped to fit the vehicle perfectly. The entire accessory comes with an antenna, mounting ears, a set of spotlights, and turn signals. The lights are imported from Taiwan but everything else is made right here at out warehouse. The front will fit a winch of any size. It can hold up to 12,000 without any problems, it also supports front sensors at every point with a radar box underneath the bumper. Finally, there is a 3-piece skid plate on the underside for extra protection.

Here are all the details and specifications.

  • 3mm thick steel folded to fit the car body perfectly, very strong and durable
  • 3-horn pipe built for off road use, 6.35 cm in diameter
  • Inside of bumper wings are reinforced with steel
  • Internal structural beam is 6-8 mm thick steel for installing the winch
  • Everything goes through a chemical cleaning process to eliminate rust before the painting process
  • Black powder coat heated up to 200 degrees Celsius to ensure long lasting color and prevent peeling
  • Total weight of the entire set is about 60 kg total


2. Rear Bumper RB-016

You can’t just leave the rear empty of course so let’s take a look at our rear bumper which is made to match the front, with a design as aggressive as this it’s a perfect accessory for Off Road travel.

The RB-016 rear bumper has many functions, whether it be side skirts, spotlights, LED reverse lights, and license plate lights. There’s also a step plate for easier access to your truck bed. All welded together for a unique and refined design. We also sell Raptor style tow hooks only found at LWN 4x4 which can be used to tow up to 7 tons.

Below are the specifications for the RB-016

  • 8 mm thick C-type bracket, 4.5 mm thick steel box underneath
  • Supports installation of all types of trailer equipment. Whether it's a plug-in bolt, a ball head, or a parrot beak set
  • Ford Raptor tow hook, brand new design, exclusive to LWN 4x4, can be used to tow a trailer
  • Spotlights, license plate lights and LED reverse lights
  • Parking sensor is fully compatible with this accessory
  • Chemical cleaning process is done before the painting process to ensure zero threat of rust
  • Side pipe size is 63.5 mm, thickness 2.5 mm, bent to fit the shape and hug the car.


3. Side Steps SS-015

Side steps are a must have classic in any Off-Road build. Ours are newly designed to look stylish and fierce in addition to its practical use. It can also protect your vehicle from side impacts with its thick steel grille. Easy to clean and worry-free welding work will help you to not fear any terrain. It can carry a weight of up to 150kg.

Specifications of the SS-015

  • 3 mm thick steel steps
  • Laser cut to be perfectly smooth
  • Fully welded fish scale pattern to ensure durability
  • Chemical cleaning process before painting to eliminate any threat of rust
  • Thick, strong steel that can support weight up to 150 kg
  • Easy to install with no modifications needed to be made to the vehicle


4. Rollbar RO-018

What are the benefits of a rollbar attached to the back of a pickup truck? Why do so many people want to install it?

Rollbars may seem like just a simple decorative accessory to add some flair to your truck but it actually has more benefits than just enhancing the appearance. It helps absorb shock, and reduces damage as well as functioning as a rail to keep any cargo from slipping off or scratching the surface of the cab. A rollbar is useful in many situations. we highly recommend our LWN 4x4 RO-018 because we use a 76.2 mm diameter and 2.5mm thick steel pipe with unique features. Suitable for both wading lines and carrying lines. Many people may wonder why the end of the pipe is covered with plastic. The reason for this is that we value safety. If a car accident occurs the rounded back helps reduce the impact force, causing no harm to those who hit the rear reducing the damage as much as possible.

Not every part of this rollbar is made of steel resulting in a lightweight accessory. Here are its specifications.

  • 76.2 mm diameter 2.5 mm thick pipe designed for Off-road use
  • 2 layers of steel bent to fit the shape of the car
  • Taiwan made quality LED brake lights and tailgate lights
  • Center part with the logo is injection molded to fit perfectly
  • End of pipe is covered in a rounded plastic covering to reduce damage that may occur
  • Goes through chemical cleaning process to deter rust before painting 


        Complete with all the accessories, as well as ideas for decorating your Ford Ranger next gen whether it be front bumpers, rear bumpers, side steps, or rollbars LWN 4x4 has got you covered. Besides being stylish and strong enough to carry heavy weight, we also guarantee good quality, so with endless possibilities go all the way with a complete set of accessories from LWN 4x4.

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